Former Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Editor believes that our silk goodies are the stuff that dreams are made of!

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Dame Essentials Pure Silk Pillowcase


They are indulgent. They treat you the way you should be treated – like a princess. And therefore, I say Dame Essentials pillowcase and eye mask are worth investing in.

I believe that if you have to judge the efficacy of a skincare or haircare product, you need to give it at least a fortnight to work. And in these 14 days you have to be consistent with your use. My dainty box of Dame Essentials pillowcase and eye mask had arrived early December – in fact, it was my first Christmas gift of the year. However, since I was travelling in the first half of the month, I started with using just the eye mask first. I used it along with my own blend of eye care oil (Jhelum Loves Dreamcatcher) and every morning I woke up feeling fresh and looking bright. No dark circles, no puffy eyes. Travel generally, makes me feel dehydrated and sometimes I even suffer from water retention. However, that didn’t happen this time at all. I used the eye patch even during my 2-hour flights and I feel I landed feeling refreshed and well rested with just that little power nap that I could manage.

So if you travel extensively and especially if you have a long haul flight coming up, do remember to carry along this little eye pack from Dame Essentials and your favourite eye cream. Tip: always apply the cream on clean skin and gently massage it so that it is absorbed into the skin. Dab a tissue around the eyes to take off the excess product and then tune off.

I have started using the silk pillowcase from last week and the immediate result that I see is that there is almost no hair static. There’s also much less puffiness on my face and the skin feels supple and youthful. This I think is a very good start. I would like to give the pillowcase another 10 days at least to understand all its benefits. However, even if this is what it does, I am more than happy with it.


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A special mention needs to be made of the packaging of the products. Just the way it is boxed and packed is a treat. Right from the handwritten, personal note to the chic wrappings and the silken products themselves, it is an indulgence to un-box.


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