How to take care of your precious silk goodies?

How to take care of your precious silk goodies?

Posted by Armaan Mann on

Now that you've got your hands on your precious silk goodies, here is a tiny list of how you should take care of them so that they could serve you for a long period of time. :)


Please don’t throw me in the washing machine!

The one and only way which comes to mind when we talk about washing bedding is to throw it in the washing machine. Wash, soak, and spin – the works! But consider this, we told you our product is chic, exquisite and stellar; so what makes you think it’s going to be treated like just any other pillow case?  #highmaintenancepillowcase

Here are the correct wash care tips to keep your silk pillowcase soft, silky, smooth and brand new!

  • Never-ever-ever-EVER throw it into the washing machine. Something so pure and heavenly must be hand washed.
  • Always wash with room temperate water (i.e. 30 degrees) and use a mild soap, or even better – specially formulated silk shampoos to wash.
  • Okay it might be hard to find silk shampoos, so just add one table spoon softener like Genteel or Safewash while washing your pillowcase.
  • Handle wet silk with love and care since it’s rather delicate.
  • Move the fabric gently from side to side when soaked, don’t wash vigorously.
  • For light colors - Don’t keep the pillowcase in water for longer than 5 minutes and then rinse it out with cold water.
  • For dark colors or prints – Don’t soak the pillowcase; just wash it out quickly with cold water.
  • Add a tea spoon of vinegar to this rinsing water to completely remove soap from the silk.
  • Do not wring or twist!
  • To remove the remaining liquid, wrap your baby aka pillowcase in a dry towel.
  • You should hang the pillowcase to air dry, but never expose it to direct sunlight.


Now that your pillowcase in shining new and looking fresh, it’s time to get the ironing board out. We’ve got the exact know how – so please read these instructions carefully.

  • Roll out the silk, gently. Straighten it from the corner, gently. Iron it, did we mention gently?
  • Never-ever iron silk too hot, just don’t. Just remember, silk is a protein structure like human hair – imagine what will happen to your hair when exposed to too much heat!


  • Use a damp setting or put your iron onto silk mode for best results.
  • Got some creases left on your gorgeous pillowcase? Don’t you worry, we always have you covered. Just hang it in the bathroom while you shower and let humidity remove the wrinkles for you.


Okay we’re almost done. Now that we have established your product is one of a kind, it clearly needs special treatment. This isn’t too much considering the perks and benefits you’re getting! Just a few more “please don’ts” and “don’t even think about it” and you’re a silk care pro.

  • Never spray your pillowcase with perfume or deodorants
  • Never bleach silk
  • Never expose your pillowcase to direct sunlight
  • Don’t spray your pillowcase with water while ironing it
  • Don’t try to treat any individual stains with water – call us to get the solution for such problems!


Now you’re on the path to keep your beloved pillowcase feeling smoother than ever and looking like a million bucks!  

We want to empower you to unleash your natural beauty so you always look like a Goddess!

Our motto -Let's never have a bed head again!

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  • The product is best, and don’t you worry, she is always there to answer your concerns post purchase as well. Very kind. God bless!

    Renu on
  • Hey! I’m too intrigued to buy this amazing pillow cover, but asusual have a few queries, just one of them being is would the night serum and cream that i apply would spoil or stain the pillow case? And how often are you suppose to wash these??
    Answers to the queries would be appreciated.

    Smitha Sharma on
  • Very informative article. Thank you for going so much in detail. :)

    Priya Sachdeva on

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