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#WokeUpLikeThis is a popular hashtag on social media where peeps upload pictures of how they woke and what their pillows did to their hair (and most of it involves people ridiculing the results). In the last few days I made one small change to my beauty routine, where I swapped my cotton pillowcase with a pure mulberry silk one and experienced a big difference!

Dame Essentials, a Chandigarh based company has made this product available in India and the benefits of using them are endless!

And that is how you know that making this change to my bedtime beauty regime is every lazy girl’s dream!

Cotton drains moisture from the skin, as a result your hair and body feels dry when all the moisture from it has been absorbed by your cotton pillowcase and bed sheets. Sleeping on silk helps you maintain the moisture balance and prevents your hair from tangling and getting dry. It also helps your blowout last longer!

As we see more and more about how big this is going to be in the near future. Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen along with other celebs swear by this hack and you should too!

The pillow cases come with a silk eye mask, and is bound to make you feel like a princess as soon as you put them on. These uber skin-friendly mask and pillowcase caresses you skin each time it comes in contact with it. Hence, it puts you to sleep in the most luxurious way possible!

Changes I noticed after using the product:

  1. It was easier to detangle my hair every morning.
  2. My hair felt comparatively less devoid of moisture towards the ends.
  3. The redness on my face reduced because the hair didn’t come in contact with it overnight (as I has the mask on).
  4. Being an insomniac, it was easier to fall asleep because of the mask (and how it’s soft texture felt against my skin).
  5. The feel… The Feel…The Feel – of it.


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