We understand that the idea of gifting your loved ones something so personal spreads love and brings you closer.


Each Dame Essentials box is a treat to open in itself. To make your gifting experience even more special, we will gift wrap the box for you and send it to your loved one on your behalf. The invoice will be sent to you instead of the customer along with a personal message from your side. We will hand write the personal message so that it feels more heartfelt. We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to accept Cash on Delivery as a mode of payment in this case.


Dame Essentials would love to be a part of your return gift packages on bachelorettes, weddings or corporate events to name a few. In case you are looking to order more than 25 pillowcases or sleeping masks, which need to be gift wrapped and given as return gifts, please get in touch with us at info@dameessentials.com. We will also provide you with a 15% discount. That selfie with all your bridesmaids in matching sleeping masks at your bachelorette party will look aahmazing!


We understand that you want to go one step further and gift all your guests’ custom return gifts on your special occasions like birthdays and weddings. When your guests use their silk goodies every night, they will remember you and relive the memories of your special occasion.

In case you are looking to order more than 50 pillowcases or sleeping masks, we give you the option of getting your initials embedded on your silk goodies with the size and color of your choice, You could choose up to 3 letters or characters that will be embedded on your pillowcases or sleeping masks. Please get in touch with us at info@dameessentials.com and we will work out the best price for you so that you get remembered for your special day. Please know that we require minimum 45 days for this so please get in touch with us in time.