Pure Silk Scrunchies Assorted Collection (Set of nine)

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Made out of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, Dame Essentials Silk Scrunchies are a treat for your delicate hair! They come in a set of nine so that you always have a spare.

Set of Nine: Mocha Gold, Rose Gold, Berry Burgundy, Charcoal Grey, Midnight Blue, Noir Black, Prosecco Silver, Dark Rose Gold, Dusty Rose

💗 22 Momme Grade 6A long thread 100% pure mulberry Silk

💗Vogue Beauty Award Winner 2020 

💗Reduces Frizz & hair breakage

💗Does not tug or pull

💗Wide surface area prevents hair dents or kinks

💗Does not cause headaches

💗Perfect hold

💗Extension friendly (glides through your hair and won’t pull on your bonds.)

Now tie your hair all day and let them down at night without the need to style them. Because, bye bye hair dents!  


22 Momme Grade 6A long thread 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchie.

2.5 cm circumference.

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    Hand wash at 25-degree Celsius

    Do not wash in the machine

    Iron the pillowcase inside out on Silk Setting of Iron

    Do not tug and pull

    For complete details, please follow the wash care instructions inside the box.

    AFTER 21 DAYS:

    Nearly 92% of participants say this is the best silk pillowcase they’ve used

    95% of participants noticed an improvement in sleep quality with our pillowcase

    97% of participants said they prefer silk over cotton pillowcases 

    94% of participants said they felt like their hair looked and felt less tangled in the morning after using this pillowcase

    92% of participants said they felt that their skin was more hydrated while sleeping on this pillowcase

    *Results from a survey study involving 100 participants over a 21 day period

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Shruthi Sidda

    Can reduce your label size in bands

    Highly recommended

    This is my third set from Dame Essentials & I'm glad I bought them. I'm extremely careful with my hair, and avoid damaging it (wash it only once a week, apply home made mask weekly, do not use styling tools). These scrunchies are both comfortable and stylish. I wear them to work and simply everywhere else and receive many compliments. Highly recommend.

    Customised order

    Customised the colors for my order and I love these! They are so easy on your hair and my daughter wears these too.

    Love these!

    So comfortable and kind on your hair.

    The exact amount of fabulous that I need in my hair

    This scrunchie has changed the game! I can have my hair up all day and not only does it feel good (no more hair-headaches), and look amazing, but it also doesn't leave kinks in my hair!! It is magic!