How to reset your skin after a long flight

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Don’t you wish you could walk out of the airport after a long, long flight and look as good as celebrities do in their airport look pictures? Won’t it be a dream come true to have perfect hair and baby soft skin after a long cross-country flight, as opposed to the usual post-flight messy hair (which you try to pull off as a messy bun) and dry skin which feels as parched as a camel in the desert?

With this list of tried and tested products, you can now reset your skin after a long flight! No longer do you have to worry about how to soothe dry skin or maintain your blowout all while struggling to overcome jet lag!


The products to use in-flight

Dame Essentials Pure Silk Eye Mask

If you want your eyes to look well-rested and non-puffy, say bye-bye to the basic airplane eye mask and switch to silk! The Dame Essentials silk eye mask will help prevent puffiness around the eyes, reduce the chances of dark circles and ensure excellent light protection. With this magical eye mask, you can sleep like a baby – be it in business class or economy!

Dame Essentials Charcoal Grey Pure Silk Eye Mask


Dame Essentials Pure Silk Pillowcase

Since you’re already making the effort of carrying the Dame Essentials eye mask, why not carry the Dame Essentials silk pillowcase along with it? Don’t worry about that seeming extra, Kim Kardashian carries her own silk pillow and pillowcase on every flight! Just place the silk case on the in-flight pillow and your skin will stay soft, smooth and wrinkle-free all throughout the flight. This will make sure you wake up with bouncy hair and flawless skin even after a 12-hour flight!

Dame Essentials Charcoal Grey Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Forest Essentials Rose Water Facial Mist

This facial mist toner is actually made using Ayurvedic methodology to hydrate the skin. However, I am recommending this toner because of its soothing and moisturizing properties. Also, it’s a great way to suppress the effect of the dry air in the plane. Within an hour of getting on the flight, make sure to spray this facial mist moisturizer on your face – you’ll be thankful you did.

Think of these 3 products as on in-flight hair and skin care routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a flight this week for your holiday or a destination wedding; make sure to have these 3 products in your handbag. Ps: These tips apply for men as well, so don’t let your better half feel left out!

forest essentials rose water mist

Forest Essentials Rose Water Facial Mist


Products used on landing

You didn’t think it would be that easy? Just like a toner before makeup, that list was to prepare your skin for landing. The next part of the hair and skin care routine starts now!


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

This facewash will make your skin feel fresh, clean and clear even after a long flight. All the dirt and gunk that is stuck in your pores will come right out, making sure you don’t have any breakouts on your holiday. It will also help reverse any possible damage the dry airon the plane could have done to your skin. Do note, this facewash is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Kiehls Ultra facial face wash

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser


The Ordinary Matriyxl 10% + HA Serum

This serum is enriched with various types of tripeptide – an amino acid which helps increase the production of collagen. Hence, this serum will help in firming the skin and reducing wrinkles all while hydrating your skin. For quick and effective results, apply this serum all over your face and eyes. This serum also helps with dry skin and acne prevention.

the ordinary matrix + ha serum

The Ordinary Matriyxl 10% + HA Serum


Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

This mask is loaded with peptide water which gives a fuller and plumper effect. Also, it is great to counteract post-flight dullness, dehydration and the occasional acne. As the name suggests, this time freeze mask has anti-ageing and skin tightening properties as well as hydrating properties. You need to use this mask overnight to make up with flawless skin. Don’t forget to use it every night for long-term effects.

Laneige Time Freeze Sleep Mask

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

If you’re looking for a quick fix, this should be your go-to product. If you’re working on a tight schedule as soon as you land, use this hydrating cream face mask instant results – running to the airport bathroom to lather this on might not be such a bad idea. This mask acts as a moisturizer as well as a brightening agent. As soon as you take this mask off, your skin is going to look fresh, radiant and instantly rejuvenated.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask


Melatonin Capsules

Melatonin is basically a sleep-inducing hormone. With melatonin capsules, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights after international flights. Melatonin capsules help you get over your jet lag, repair your sleep cycle and hence sleep on time. You can think of them as a sleep aid, minus the side-effects! These capsules will basically help you set your internal body clock back on track. Ask your doctor what dosage you should take.


Melatonin Capsules


Sleep on Silk

If you want to sleep like a baby, you need to sleep on silk. Since you already have the silk pillowcase in your hand baggage, just slip it on the hotel pillow and drift off to sleep. You should also use the silk eye mask to block out the light. That way, you’ll be able to reset your time block and fight the effects of jet lag, all while hydrating your skin and maintaining your blowout.

Set of Dame Essentials Midnight Blue Pillowcase & Charcoal Grey Eye Mask

If you use these products the next time you’re travelling, resetting your skin after a long flight won’t sound like a fairytale myth anymore. Plus, you’ll be sure to have picture perfect skin as soon as you step out of the plane!


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