Like many of you, I used to wake up each day with a tangled mess of hair and those pesky sleep creases on my face. I was tired of feeling frustrated and sacrificing my sleep just to fix my hair. That's when the idea for Dame Essentials was born – out of my love for sleep and my never-ending quest for flawless hair and skin.

When I discovered that the secret to beautiful skin and hair was as simple as sleeping on silk, I was overjoyed. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Gisele Bundchen, and even the iconic Marilyn Monroe swear by silk. I wanted to share this effortless beauty secret with all of you because we all deserve a little self-pampering.

Dermatologists, hair stylists, and doctors around the world recommend sleeping on silk, and I was determined to find the best silk in India. After countless trials and tests, I finally found the most effective silk available worldwide.

While 19 momme silk is considered great for bedding, I wanted to go the extra mile for your skin. At Dame Essentials, we use 22 momme Grade 6A long thread 100% pure mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave for all our silk products. It's like the 22-carat gold of silk.

Silk is a natural fiber cultivated from silk worms that feast on the finest mulberry plants. It's hypoallergenic and retains your hair and skin's natural moisture, unlike cotton or satin.

Dame Essentials silk products are that often-overlooked step in skincare that can make all the difference. They make the perfect gift for your loved ones, because they deserve nothing but the best.

The feeling of waking up an hour later with perfect hair and beautiful skin is truly priceless. I want you to experience that natural beauty, night after night, just by sleeping on my pillowcases.


Our mission at Dame Essentials is simple: never underestimate the power of your pillowcase as a beauty treatment.

A good night's sleep is a luxury for many of us, and when your head touches our 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase, you'll experience that "aaaahh" factor and sleep better too.

Our skin and hair represent us for a long time, and we all yearn for restful sleep and a refreshed mind. Our silk goodies will help you achieve rejuvenating benefits naturally and without investing any extra time. It's one less stress in life, because longing for beautiful skin and deep sleep shouldn't be one of them.

I'm the founder, and I'm here to help you on your journey to naturally beautiful skin and hair, one night's sleep at a time.