Just like you, I strive day after day to achieve beautiful hair and skin. I was frustrated waking up everyday, with hair that resembled a bird’s nest and my face with those occasional sleep creases. I would put on my serums night after night religiously, just to see that the effect was as slow as a snail’s pace.Whenever I had to be somewhere in the morning, I had to give up on my sleep and wake up earlier than required to fix my hair.

Dame Essentials was born from the love of sleep and my never ending strife for flawless hair and skin. When I discovered that the secret to beautiful skin and hair was so effortless, my delight knew no bounds. All celebrities like Kim Kardarshain, Khloe Kardarshian, Gisele Bundchen, Rosie Huntington Whiteley sleep on silk. Even Marilyn Monroe slept on silk. I wanted to share this with all of you, because we all deserve that little self-pampering.

Dermatologists, hair stylists and doctors around the world advise us to sleep on silk.

I started looking for pure mulberry silk in India only to discover that it wasn’t available in the purest form. This didn’t stop me from finding the best silk that is available in the world. After tireless attempts at sampling and testing, I found the most effective silk.

For bedding, silk with a 19 momme weight is generally considered to provide the best balance of strength, aesthetics and affordability. I wanted to go a step further and provide a little extra luxury because our skin deserves only the best. At Dame Essentials, we use 22 momme Grade 6A long thread 100% pure mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave for all our silk goodies. (It is like the 22 carat of silk).

Silk is a natural fibre which is cultivated from a silk worm that has a rich diet of the finest quality mulberry plant. It is then weaved into a beautiful silk fabric. Silk is an anti-allergic and retains the natural moisture levels of your hair and skin unlike cotton or satin.

Dame essentials silk goodies are that much needed step of skin care that we all tend to overlook. It is the perfect gift for your mother, child, husband, grandparents and friends alike. We have gone out of our way to provide only the most luxurious silk because you deserve nothing but the best.

That feeling of waking up one hour later, with perfect hair and beautiful skin is priceless. And, I want you to become naturally beautiful, night after night, just by sleeping on my pillowcase.


Never underestimate the power of your pillowcase as a beauty treatment.

By the time we will be 60, we would have spent 1/3rd of our lives in bed. I just want to make it worth your while by getting some benefit out of it. It is said that a good night’s sleep is important for us to function normally and for quite a lot of us, good sleep is a luxury.When your head touches Dame Essentials 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase, you feel that aaaaahh factor and sleep better as well.

Our skin and hair represent us for a long time, and we all long for flawless skin and glossy hair. Our silk goodies will help you reap anti-aging benefits along with being completely natural and anti-allergic .It will get you one step closer to flawlessness, even if you don’t have the time for an extensive skin and hair care routine.

We all have a lot of stress in life, longing for beautiful skin and hair shouldn’t be one of them.