How to make your blowout last for four days 👩🏻

How to make your blowout last for four days 👩🏻

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The weather is super cold and we all despise the days we have to wash our hair. We all want our hair to look red carpet ready, 24x7. How I wish a Fairy God Mother could grant us this wish!

You get your blowout done, you go to sleep and next morning bam! It's gone. #wefeelyourheartbreak 💔

This post is dedicated to how you can keep your blowout intact for four days without any touch ups.

1. Get the right shampoo and conditioner

You should start by washing your hair with a shampoo that is made for your hair type. A good blowout starts with hair that is clean and fresh. For example, volumizing shampoo for limp hair, moisturising shampoo for dry hair and nourishing shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

Make sure that you condition your hair from mid length to the end only so that your hair does not get oily soon.


Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner and hair mask.

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2. Use the right serums and oils.

When your hair is damp, use a light serum and heat protectant before you blow dry. Do not use this serum or heat protectant at your roots.

Moroccan Oil Treatment for all hair types. 

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Moroccan Oil Hair Styling Protection

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3. Don't shy away from dry shampoo and conditioner

Dry shampoo and conditioner are one of the essentials that you need to keep your blowout looking fresh and bouncy on the later days. Dry shampoo absorbs oil from your scalp and roots whereas dry conditioner gives your ends softness and shine. 

Eva-NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo and Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner 

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4. Use a silk pillowcase to sleep at night.

This is the most important factor that determines how long your blowout will last. Silk is non absorbent which means that your scalp will not produce oil to compensate for the dryness that is associated with sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. The secret to Kim Kardarshian's hair looking flawless for five days is a silk pillowcase.

A silk pillowcase will also ensure that your hair does not become flat, dry and frizzy the next day.
For those of you who have flat and limp hair, a silk pillowcase will ensure that your hair has volume even for the next coming days and your blowout stays intact.

For those of you with dry and brittle hair, a silk pillowcase will make sure that you don't have dry, frizzy hair and fly aways.

Dame Essentials Midnight Blue Silk Pillowcase 

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5. Keep your hair away from water

It is very important to keep your hair away from water. The moment water touches your hair, your blowout goes for a toss.
Use a hair band to safeguard your hair while you wash your face.

6. Do not tie your hair for a long time

When you tie your hair in a high top knot or a ponytail, you create unwanted bends and twists that take away from your blowout. Touching your hair often also causes your blowout to get old faster.

Follow these easy to do steps and Voila! Your hair is fresh and bouncy and has you looking like a million bucks for four days.

I have included pictures of the products that I use myself to help those of you who have hair like mine.
My hair is voluminous and curly. I am susceptible to split ends and fly aways. I colour it every three months and style my hair once a week.

I hope I am able to help you in some way or the other so that we all look #flawless.

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