How to wake up with better hair and skin?

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Beauty sleep is definitely a real thing, and this time it’s not just related to our internal body functioning! With the help of the required 8 hours of sleep and some life changing beauty products, it is now possible to make sleeping a part of your beauty treatment process. You wake up much earlier than required in the morning to look like a decent semblance of a human being – which is no longer needed! Here are 6 tips to look younger and prolong ageing, all of which can be achieved with some shut eye.


Hydrating masks and serums

No matter what anyone says, these babies are game changers in the beauty industry! Using hydrating masks right before sleeping or applying serums as a night ritual can really help you skin look fresher, healthier and much younger – a girl’s dreams can come true! So while your body and mind are asleep, your skin and hair are at play.


Avoid caffeine and sugar at night

Avoiding caffeine not only improves your skin but also helps you get good night’s sleep, minus the tossing and turning. Caffeine leads to the increase in the body’s oil production and also has dehydrating effects, leading to breakouts and dry patches. Leave the java for a month and see the difference for yourself!


Ditch the stress

How often have you heard “My hair will go grey worrying about my kids”? Well it isn’t a saying for no rhyme or reason; stress has a direct impact on your hair as well as your face! In fact stress .actually makes you look tired and run down, not to mention the increase in wrinkles and frown lines on your forehead. On the other hand, happiness is like a magic pill which does the body a lot of good! Even a good night’s sleep can help you get over a lot of problems!


Stock up on vitamins and nutrients

Make sure you’re getting the right dosage of vitamins and minerals – especially Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential element in curbing the ageing process. But apart from external supplements, a balanced diet – vegetables, lentils, carbs, poultry, fruits, is also very important. Research actually shows, that If you sleep right you’ll end up sleeping like a baby.


Regular exercise

Cardio is essential for vascular health, and not to forget that amazing sweaty glow after a good cardio session. Opening up of the pores to let sweat out, actually removes a lot of toxins which does take some years off your face. Ask anyone from the older generation how they look so young and they’ll swear by strength training – it takes years off your body! Plus, this exhausting workout routine will probably work your body so well that you’ll fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow.


Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are actually really beneficial in improving your skin and hair texture. With this long term improvement in texture along with negligible amount of face creases and wrinkles – anti-aging is bound to happen. Lets not discredit the fact that silk absorbs nothing from our hair and skin, thus keeping them healthy and hydrated! All you have to do is sleep, leave the rest to these magical pillowcases.



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