Why Dame Essentials?

We use 22 Momme Grade 6A long thread 100 percent pure mulberry silk, which isn’t easily available in India. We went through enough sampling and testing and managed to lay our hands on the best and the most effective silk, so we can assure you about the quality of our product. Did we mention we’re the 1st sellers/brand of silk pillowcases in India!

Dame Essentials is perfect for you, your parents, your husband, your kids, your grandparents, boyfriend, friends and the list goes on!

What is a momme?

Silk Momme, actually pronounced as moe-me, is a unit of measurement for silk fabric. It is a measure of the weight of 100 yards of silk fabric. The more weight that a silk has, the longer the silk will last. 22 Momme means that 100 yards of silk fabric weighs 22 pounds.

Why use silk pillowcases?

Dermatologists and hair stylists across the world advise us to sleep on silk because it’s various benefits and advantages – a youthful glowing complexion and silky smooth hair. Silk also contains enzymes and proteins which enhance the production of collagen (a protein that provides strength and structure).

What is the life of a silk pillowcase?

We have tested the durability and we guarantee that when taken care of, our pillowcases and sleeping masks will serve you for good nine to twelve months. Maybe longer, if you follow the wash care instructions properly.

How do I clean/take care of my pillowcase?

The wash care instructions for this pillowcase are exactly the same as any other silk garment. But for your convenience and comfort, please open our wash care instructions page that comes with the box, it has even the tiniest details. You could also read the same in our blog post:-


Yes, you can. Please set your iron on cool setting or Silk setting and iron your pillowcase inside out.


Our pillowcases are made to fit any international standard / queen size pillow (50cm x 70cm). All pillowcases have a 5 cm border to give an aesthetic feel to your pillow.

Why should I buy this product as opposed to other beauty products?

Well, we made an estimate about how much your skin care and hair care products cost you, per month. Then we compared that to the price of our product which lasts you for atleast 8 to 12 months. When used well, our pillowcase costs you an average of only INR 27(USD 0.40!) every night! We realized how good the deal was and we want to share it with you.

What is wrong with my cotton pillowcase?

Cotton cannot help but absorb our night creams and serums, thus reducing their effectiveness. Cotton also absorbs moisture from your face and hair, thus giving you a messy bed head and sleep creases in the morning. Silk on the other hand, doesn’t absorb these serums due to its anti-absorbent property and helps your hair and skin glide on it which causes less friction.

Why can’t I use a satin pillowcase instead?

We got a lot of questions asking about why people can't use satin which is less expensive and more readily available.Satin is a polyester fiber, which means that it is made from plastic polymers and petroleum. In hot regions like Asia, Africa and Middle East, satin makes you sweat profusely which could cause skin irritations and allergies. Silk on the other hand, is a natural thermostat. It keeps your cool in the summer and warm in the winter, along with being anti-bacterial and anti-allergic .

Does silk have anti-aging benefits?

Silk helps retain the natural moisture levels of our skin and hair. Silk helps your skin glide easily on the pillowcase thus prevents premature ageing as well as wrinkles and pillow creases.

Is silk anti-bacterial?

Silk is a natural fiber which is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, silk will actually help reduce the sensitivity and give you healthy looking skin.

I hear silk pillowcases are good for patients going through chemotherapy?

For chemotherapy patients, silk is proven to reduce pain and hair fall, all thanks to no hair friction while you sleep at night. It also helps them sleep better.

How will silk help my blow out last longer?

Silk helps your hair slide on the pillow and avoids pulling of hair. It will also retain the natural moisture level of your hair. So when you wake up in the morning, your hair is in perfect condition – with the glossy effect still intact.

Where can I buy Dame Essentials Silk goodies?

We sell exclusively through our website Please be vary of imitations and bad quality copies.



When will I receive my order?

We know you can’t wait to get your hand on your silk goodies. You order will reach you within 2-5 days of placing your order depending on your location and national holidays.

Once you place your order, we will send you a confirmation email. Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with your order tracking details.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes, we offer standard free international shipping on all orders over a value of USD 200. We offer standard flat rate shipping of USD 15 worldwide and your order will reach you within 10-14 days from the day you place your order.

Please keep in mind that depending upon your country, you might have to bear custom duties in accordance with your country’s custom policies and we do not take responsibility of custom clearances in your country.


Do you offer Gifting Services?

Yes, we do! Please refer to Our Services section to know more about all our gifting services.

How long will my custom order take?

We require a minimum of 45 days to customize and create your custom orders. We need this time to ensure that everything is perfect and flawless, just like your skin and hair will be with Dame Essentials.