The One Anti-Ageing Skincare Hack That You Need To Stop Overlooking

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You’ve tried all possible serums and face masks in order to get better skin. Heck, you’ve also gone to sleep with a sheet mask almost every night. But there is still one crucial aspect of our daily routine that is neglected. If you feel that all the skincare products on the planet aren't helping, you might need to reconsider your bedtime routine, particularly the bedding that you're sleeping on.

Of course, getting a huge amount of beauty sleep sounds incredible, however by sleeping on cotton pillow cases,  you could be doing more damage than good in the long run. Plus the constant tugging at night from a pillow case made with abrasive fibers like cotton can cause sleep-related wrinkles.

Obviously, we went nuts when we discovered that the secret to beautiful skin is so effortless. Dame Essentials Pillowcases are made of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk and are available for just INR 5549. The beauty editor approved silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic and contains amino acids which enhance collagen production. Silk being an ultra-smooth fabric, allows your hair and skin to just glide across it as opposed to rubbing against them, like cotton pillowcases do. Since it is a completely natural fabric, it doesn’t absorb any moisture from your face or hair, thus keeping them hydrated, healthy and happy. Silk also prevents split ends, frizziness, premature ageing and sleep creases. 

Dame Essentials Champagne Gold Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

It is a common myth that a silk pillowcase would make you feel hot in the summer. Pure mulberry silk is a natural thermostat which means that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in winters. Pure mulberry silk also fits snugly and re adjusts its shape according to your body.That blissful feeling of sinking into silk? Now you know why!

The best part about this silk pillowcase? You don't need to go to any store and spend time chatting with an overenthusiastic salesperson. You can purchase it exclusively on the Dame Essentials website, then have it delivered straight to your door in two to five days (The packaging is as luxurious as the Pillowcase itself and makes for a great gift if you wish to give someone the gift of good sleep). 

Sign up on the website here and you could take 10% off your entire first purchase.

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