How sleeping on silk gave me healthy skin and hair- Synjini Nandi from Blush Channel shares her experience.

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If you know me even a little bit by now, you would certainly understand my obsession with bettering my skin and hair. I can’t help it; I consider it as a reflex action of sorts. So much so that the minute I read about anything novel, I need to try it—even if that implies me waiting for a month for my international shipment to arrive. That being said, my latest tryst with a beauty essential (I call it that) now has been quite interesting; also because I had never quite believed in the hullabaloo surrounding it. The thing that I am talking about is silk.

Yep, that’s right. After reading about how silk can actually transform your skin and hair, I decided to give it a try; not that I was influenced by the likes of Kim Kardashian or Gisele Bundchen who swear by this magic fabric for their bedtime regimen (a little maybe). Plus, it’s super luxurious, comfortable is another and is said to have anti-ageing benefits.

Well, looks like what you read is what you get because I haven’t been able to sleep on cotton ever since. I am a total silk convert and it’s worthy of an investment.

For all those who want to give this a twirl here’s all what you can expect.

Smooth and silky hair

As opposed to sleeping on cotton, silk is an ultra-smooth fabric that minimises friction and allows your hair to glide across the fabric—which implies zero frizz, and shiny and hydrated hair.

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Your skin will feel much smoother

Hate those lines that appear owing to crumpled pillowcases? Then sleeping on a silk pillowcase could take care of these issues once and for all. Plus since silk doesn’t absorb any moisture, your skin won’t feel dry when you wake up. Sleeping on silk also prevents wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. This also applies for silk nightwear sets.

Pure silk strappy Chemise, Autograph for Marks & Spencer, Rs 9,102

Blush loves: Pure silk strappy Chemise, Autograph for Marks & Spencer, Rs 9,102

It’s great for sensitive skin

Silk is a natural fiber which is anti bacterial and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, silk will actually help reduce the sensitivity and give you healthy looking skin. And you have been slathering your skin with endless products all this while; go figure.

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It’s your best friend on flights

Did you know that the sensitive skin around your eyes is the first thing that gets dehydrated during long flights? My solution—slathering on some eye cream and topping it off with a silk sleeping mask; works like a charm every time.

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